One of the pillars of success at The Villa is the integration of universal workers, Nayas, into the core household, creating a family-centered setting that seamlessly integrates expert personal and health support. The word Naya, which centers on the concept of being engaged in the present moment, comes from the ancient language of Classical Sanskrit and means more literally a guide, person of wisdom, conductor and leader. Nayas provide all daily support residents, just as family members would in a traditional, multi-generational household. The name Naya reminds community members to connect with each other and be mindfully engaged in each moment, creating a close-knit environment that fuels a strong sense of camaraderie. In addition to the daily experiences in this integrated household that draw residents into a social life of the household, The Villa hosts a number of regularly scheduled classes and events, most exploring the possibilities of personal growth, creativity and fun. Outside experts and enthusiasts, as well as residents, are invited to teach and share their passions. Outings are arranged to local museums, theater and galleries.