As in so many homes, the kitchen is the center of the home, its true hearth. In its warmth, people gather to share their day and break bread. In its dynamism, they discover the new smells that come with ever-changing seasonal meals. The Villa kitchen is no different.

In the kitchen, residents, visiting friends and family and associates gather, creating meals and the camaraderie that comes with cooking and eating together.

Although there are scheduled meals three times a day, residents can eat what they want, when they want. One person may choose tea and toast in bed at 6:15am while another opts for scrambled eggs and bacon in the kitchen with fellow residents at 8:30am.

Lunches can be sit down or in a brown bag if a resident has an outing planned. And it is no problem to round up hot dogs and chips, if a few people want to watch the NCAA Finals on TV, while others dine together in the dining room.

Is there a favorite snack or treat, one that has taken a lifetime to discover and personalize? Each resident has a cupboard in the kitchen and a space in the refrigerator in which to store and access these personal favorites. 

At The Villa, the kitchen is always a place of welcome.